US State List of Contacts

Find your local CaroTrans Team in the list below, and for more info on CaroTrans USA's Branches and CFS locations, access the downloadable PDF in the link below. 

For every US state see what local CaroTrans Team to reach out to. For more information on a specific CaroTrans branch CFS or Agent, visit the Global CaroTrans Directory.  


Alabama –  CaroTrans Atlanta Nebraska – CaroTrans Chicago
Arizona – CaroTrans Salt Lake City Nevada – CaroTrans Salt Lake City
Arkansas – CaroTrans Dallas New Hampshire - CaroTrans Boston
California (Northern) – CaroTrans Los Angeles  New Jersey – CaroTrans New Jersey
California (Southern) – CaroTrans Los Angeles  New Mexico – CaroTrans Salt Lake City
Colorado – CaroTrans Salt Lake City New York – CaroTrans New Jersey
Connecticut – CaroTrans Boston North Carolina - CaroTrans Charlotte
Delaware – CaroTrans Baltimore North Dakota – CaroTrans Chicago
North Florida – CaroTrans Charleston Ohio – CaroTrans Cleveland 
South Florida  – CaroTrans Miami Oklahoma – CaroTrans Dallas
Georgia – CaroTrans Atlanta Oregon – CaroTrans Seattle
Georgia (Savannah) – CaroTrans Charlotte Pennsylvania (Eastern) – CaroTrans New Jersey
Idaho – CaroTrans Salt Lake City Pennsylvania (Western) – CaroTrans Cleveland
Illinois – CaroTrans Chicago Rhode Island – CaroTrans Boston
Indiana – CaroTrans Indianapolis South Carolina – CaroTrans Charleston
Iowa – CaroTrans Chicago South Dakota – CaroTrans Chicago
Kansas – CaroTrans Chicago Tennessee – CaroTrans Charlotte
Kentucky – CaroTrans Indianapolis Tennessee (Memphis) – CaroTrans Atlanta
Northern Louisiana – CaroTrans Dallas Northern Texas - CaroTrans Dallas
Southern Louisiana – CaroTrans Houston Southern Texas – CaroTrans Houston
Maine – CaroTrans Boston Utah – CaroTrans Salt Lake City
Maryland – CaroTrans Baltimore Vermont – CaroTrans Boston
Massachusetts – CaroTrans Boston Virginia – CaroTrans Charlotte
Michigan(East of Lansing) – CaroTrans Cleveland  Virginia (Norfolk) – CaroTrans Charlotte
Michigan(West of Lansing)- CaroTrans Indianapolis Washington DC – CaroTrans Baltimore
Minnesota – CaroTrans Chicago Washington – CaroTrans Seattle 
Mississippi – CaroTrans Houston West Virginia – CaroTrans Baltimore
Missouri – CaroTrans Chicago Wisconsin – CaroTrans Chicago
 Montana – CaroTrans Salt Lake City Wyoming - CaroTrans Salt Lake City

CaroTrans USA Branch and CFS List

Access and download the listings of CaroTrans USA Branches and CFS locations.

Branch and CFS Listing April 2024

Branch and CFS Listing April 2024

Branch and CFS Listing April 2024

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