US Cargo Claims

We are sorry to learn of the loss experienced with your recent CaroTrans shipment and will make every reasonable effort to resolve your claim equitably and promptly. Please file your cargo claim in accordance with the Claims Procedures document, found here.

Online filing provides many benefits

  • Easily file claims. Now you can file a claim without logging in. Filing is simple and takes only a few steps.
  • Save time. Claim filing confirmations are instant.
  • Stay in the loop. Getting the status of your claim is in your control and available to you 24/7.

General Information:

  • All claims must be submitted within the specified time-frame outlined in the attached Claim Filing Policy.
  • A claim will not be processed until all CaroTrans transportation charges have been paid. It is specifically prohibited for any claim amounts to be deducted from transportation charges.
  • It is the claimant’s duty to prove CaroTrans received the freight in good condition at origin and that damages or loss occurred while in CaroTrans’s custody.
  • All packing materials and any damaged merchandise must be retained and carefully maintained through claim investigation and resolution.
  • Any claimant other than the beneficial owner of the goods that were shipped must provide proof that a claim has been paid to the beneficial owner of the goods, OR obtain written assignment of rights for claim settlement from the beneficial owner of the goods.

To check the status of your claim, click here.

You will need:

  • Your claim number as provided to you when you filed your claim either electronically or from written correspondence.
  • Your access code – please use your CaroTrans BOL number.

To file your claim online, click here.

Filing your claim:

Complete the electronic claim form on CaroTrans’s website, and submit:

  • Identify the CaroTrans bill of lading number, claimant name and address. Do not submit more than one claim on each form.
  • Specify a reason for claim. o Determine the total packing pieces and/or individual units affected. o Determine total affected weight only.
  • Determine the dollar amount which accurately represents your loss and provide a calculation as to how the total claim amount was determined.
  • Attach the required documentation to submit the claim: Bill of lading, commercial invoice, CaroTrans freight invoice.

Collect all additional supporting documentation to establish your claim, including:

  • A copy of the delivery receipt (if available)
  • Repair and/or salvage information (Note: It is the claimant’s legal duty to mitigate their loss and minimize the amount of a claim whenever possible)
  • If repairs or salvage is not available a statement on company letterhead explaining why, is needed
  • Once claim has been concluded, and if repairs/salvage are not attainable, a disposal receipt is needed o Loss/Damage inspection report (if performed)
  • All available photographs in color (please send via email only, do not fax to

Pursuant to CaroTrans, Inc.’s governing terms of carriage, a claim must be submitted within the following time frame(s) following delivery or intended delivery: 

ALL claims (damage/ shortage/ non-delivery/ etc.) on ocean shipments must be filed within 1 year of delivery, when exception has been taken upon delivery or if the loss or damage is not then apparent, within 3 consecutive days after discharge/delivery or the date when the Goods should have been discharged/delivered.

Note: It is the responsibility of the claimant to file a cargo claim within the specified time frame and to respond to any requests from Interclaims (CaroTrans’s third party administrator) for supporting documentation. Your claim will not be processed until properly supported. The claim will then be concluded based on facts determined during investigation. Any delay in response to requests for additional information or documentation may result in delay of resolution of your claim or in the closing of your file.

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