19 April 2024

Our CaroTrans Auckland, NZ Office and CFS is Moving

19 April 2024

From Late April we will be located at:
10 Alderman Place, Favona

EXPORT cargo

  • Any cargo to be loaded after week ending 26th April is not delivered to Cavendish Drive site.
  • We will start receiving Export Cargo in Alderman Pl from 29th April.
  • Any cargo received into Cavendish Dr for Export loading after 26th April will incur relocation costs to move to Alderman Pl.
More information also to follow, but in regards to any RMP Products and OMAR Inspections please note the below:

We are in the process of transferring our RMP licenses.

Any countries where we export RMP products and undergo OMAR inspections will experience a delay until we regain our licences.

We currently hold country listings for the following at our current site:

GB / EU: honey and apiculture products
EU: stores other than cold stores for shelf stable products
Korea: storage of bovine, ovine, caprine, porcine, ostrich and emu
4. USA: exporting warehouse, bovine, caprine, ovine, poultry/ratites, swine, veal
When making bookings for the above destinations, kindly verify with our Export Team that our licences has been reinstated and we can proceed to receive shipments. Additionally, please be aware that any future bookings cannot arrive early and be stored onsite.

Please be aware we can still accommodate RMP shipments at our new address for destinations like Singapore and Australia that don’t necessitate country listings.

We are working towards the 26th April as our cut over date. This will mean we will not be able to have any RMP cargo at Cavendish Dr on this day. Due to ANZAC day, the last loading date will be Wednesday 24th April.

Any RMP cargo due for export between 26th April and 10th May we will only be able to accept into Alderman Pl once our Country Listings have been reinstated. – We have been told this should be done within a few days but could take up to 10 days.

IMPORT cargo

Stay tuned, more details will be coming soon.
We appreciate your support. Please do not hesitate to contact your local CaroTrans Team if you have any questions or need additional information.
Randy Yard, Branch Manager | randy.yard@carotrans.co.nz
Lisa Parangi, Customer Services Manager | lisa.parangi@carotrans.co.nz

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